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I'm checking out for cheap version of their hosting it's prepay for a year and it comes out to $7 a month.

I had an issue with them where ended up charged $15 a month for two months in a row for miva merchant license, but after a couple of support tickets and phone calls, got it straightened out and refunded. Dunno if it was my fault or theirs.

One thing I like is that they have osCommerce (or at least a clone of) all set up and ready to go on their server (seperate from your website) and you get to put a store up for no extra charge on their system and it doesnt take up space on your site.

I'm still undecided about keeping them. I'm just slow to commit (like most men - laf!)

There's also one or two people here that have webspace for sale and it's a good price. (and you get to have easy access to support)

Hopefully someone will post a link or two.
Originally posted by simco:
Hi all, just a quick question to all of you, I am thinking of setting up a web site anyone got any recomendations re a good """"Cheap"""" site, something simple and easy to set up and with a cart.

Thank you all, Paul. Smile

Hello simco:
I have a webhosting company you can try out. The url is Sagittarius Designs
For a website which only has a shopping cart costs $9.95/month and comes with 20-product catalog, 50MB Space, 1 GB Bandwidth and free $25 Google Adwords credit plus they are running a special on domain names. Purchase this product and your domain name is only $3.99. If you need any help with this post back here and I will be happy to help.

Guillermo Big Grin
Typically a good website with ssl, shopcart, and not necessarily an OS clone will cost around 20.00 a month or just a bit more. These type sites are usually easy to build with full templates, etc. You do have to look around. I have 3 full feature websites. My biggest has 189 pages, mostly product. Has been and still is the easiest build site I have found.

Another way to find out a site host is look at your competitions sites and click source code on the home page and see who they have it set up with. I have looked around for a few this way also.

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