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Hi Ya'll,

New to Auctiva. I have listed a lot of listings tonight and *forgot* to use Auctiva.

How can I put a template in? I have read and read the posts here, and some of them are great, but the ones that I thought would help are telling me to go into my saved auctions. These aren't saved. They're current.

Also, what about the insurance thing? I have read on it, as well, and just got more confused. Do I need it? What do I NEED to have checked on my preferences?

What about the Gallery Pic? I am still charged for that through eBay, correct? Just not any future listings?

Thanks in advance for all your help!!
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Hi bamamelena,

Welcome to Auctiva. You are going to have a great experience.

First, I would highly recommend that you go to your Auctiva home page, click on Help at the very top of the page.

Then select Classes & Tutorials. There is a Video-Audio available for each of the modules:

Auctiva Checkout
Auctiva Shipping Insurance

It will take a little while, not long, to watch and listen to each of the tutorials. This will give you basic info on how to prepare and list.

After watching the videos, I personally, would begin with setting up everything in My Account as I would want. Then prepare ALL my Profiles. After that I would upload ALL my images. Then I would prepare my listings.

Personally, I DO have the Insurance checked, but you will be able to understand more when you view the video.

eBay will always charge you for Gallery, but with Auctiva you can have up to 16 pic's at NO additional charge. The Auctiva Scrolling Gallery has no charge.

This doesn't answer all of your questions, but when you view the tutorials you will have many of them answered for you.

Keep coming back here, use the Go tab and do searches. Probably most of your questions will have already been dealt with.

Good luck and have a great time......

Thanks. I have watched the tutorials, and have listed some items.

I still am not clear on several things that I originally posted about.

First, how can I add pictures, or a template to my existing auctions? I have read things in the forum, but they don't tell me anything about templates.

Also, what are the cons of the insurance? I have been told by several people not to use it, but am not clear on why.

Thanks to anyone who can help me!
Hi - If you have an active ebay listing, you can add pics, templates, etc by transfering the HTML from a saved listing in Auctiva to your active listing. If you have no saved listing because it was created somewhere else, then you will need to create a new listing with the new template first, and then transfer the HTML of that template and everything in it (description, seller details, and pictures). Below is a copy & paste of a previous post I made on this topic. It is slightly different, in that it addresses the situation of revising a listing already saved in the Saved folder, but same principles apply:

"Making changes in an active listing is pretty easy. If you wish to make changes within the template area (description, seller details, pictures, or the template itself), you can copy and paste the HTML from your revised listing in Auctiva to your active listing in eBay as follows:

1) Locate your listing in your Saved Listings folder in Auctiva, open it, make any necessary changes, preview, and save.
2) In your Saved Listings folder, click the <HTML> icon to the right of your listing.
3) Select all of the HTML in the popup box and copy it.
4) Locate the item on eBay and click the "Revise your item" link.
5) Click "Edit Description" then click the "HTML" tab.
6) Select all of the HTML that's there, paste the copied HTML in its place, and save your changes.

Keep in mind that the HTML copy & paste described above only applies to the template area. If you wish to revise items outside the template (title, category, price, etc.), you need to do that directly from the ebay "revise your listing" page. If you are just doing a one-time change to the TEXT ONLY within the template (description or seller details, not pictures) this is more easily done on the ebay page in the description box, without the need to replace HTML. A more "permanent" revision, to be applied to future postings, should be done to your saved listing of course."

Hope this helps. I'll let someone more knowledgeble about Auctiva insurance address the insurance question. Smile
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