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Hi all, I only sell part time, so I am still learning. My question is, how do you remove pictures from an ebay auction that has ended? I am still using the pictures in another auctions, but would like to remove these from the ended ended close to a month ago. I do use Auctive to host my pictures and list. Any help appreciated, Thanks!

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Hi Linda I normally leave images of closed listings available so that if a potential buyer wants to review my profile and check out what I have sold before they can see them. I always check out sellers in this way if the item I am thinking of bidding for is pricey and I have not bought from them before.

If you are paying for image storage then you may want to clear them out earlier, but as you are still using them on active listings it will not save you anything.

Also as you are storing them on Auctiva's image servers then that is free and unlimited.

When your closed listing reaches about 3 months old eBay deletes the listing anyway. Then I would delete an unused image just to reduce clutter especially if the item was a one off.

So basically why not just leave it there otherwise you need to copy the image to another name on Auctiva then delete the original that the closed listing references. (Note any other active listings would need redirecting to the renamed image!)

I hope that helps Smile

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