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This from the eBay Trust & Safety Board

Evidently there is a huge amount of this going on...Be Very Careful as the phishers are getting better.

Especially read from January 11th till present for helpful hints, what sorts of spyware detectors and what to avoid.

I hope this doesn't happen to any of you.
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Original Post
Everybody using Firefox 2.0+? I've found out that the phishing warning works really well.
If you have any doubts, rest your mouse over the link, and in the bottom left corner of your browser, see where the link goes to. The URL should go to:]
Just make sure it starts with
I just got a phishing email right now. It says:
Do you take paypal for the item?And please give me the total price...I'm very interested ... Thanks and please let me know asap!

But when I hover the mouse over the link, it goes to (I'm not posting the real link, but it's very similar to this):

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