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Hello Community,

To make our popular Auctiva 101 Webinar more convenient for people in eastern and central US time zones and in the UK, this Thursday January 13, we will be holding the Webinar at 11:00am Pacific time.

These Webinars provide you a tour of Auctiva's features and navigation. There will be time at the end for questions and answers.

Questions will be submitted by the user via the "Question" interface. We select questions to answer based on general relevance to users and on the order in which they are submitted. Users with very specific questions that don't have a lot of relevance to all users, will be directed to submit those questions directly to Auctiva Customer Support, to allow for both the best use of the time of the Webinar and to ensure that the user gets the best possible help with their unique issues or concerns.

The host of Auctiva 101 Webinars is our own Auctiva Mike D. As Manager of Customer Support, Mike has years of experience helping Auctiva users solve their support issues. He is "Top Gun" when it comes to using Auctiva, and he loves to share his knowledge and expertise with others.

Click here to register for the next Auctiva 101 Webinar (you need to be logged in to your Auctiva account to reach the webinar signup page)

Our 'Auctiva 101' webinars will give both new and more experienced Auctiva users an opportunity to get questions answered and to learn more about Auctiva.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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