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This is a new one for me.

I've just created a couple of listings but I'm unable to upload images. BUT: It's not because something freezes up or pop-ups don't work.

When I click for the Image Selection window, it comes up, everything's normal. When I click on Upload it take me to the next screen but there are no fields/lines for browsing images to select. So I have no way of choosing which images to upload.

The same thing happens when going through Images > Upload Images from the site also. And it's happening in both Firefox and IE for me.

I haven't tried the other uploaders because I'd rather not install ActiveX or Java.

Just thought I'd post in case anyone else was having this trouble.

Filing a support request next..
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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
I did just recently change my ad blocking in ZoneAlarm from Medium to High (to block banner ads) but I just switched it back and there's no change.

Well, that narrows down another thing I was going to have you try. But you're not using Mcafee.

I know you know this and I'm kinda embarrassed to even be suggesting bout your pop up blockers? Added to the allowed?

My Best,
Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
I thought I could temporarily solve my problem by using external hosting. I got a listing set up, ran error check (no problems), went to schedule and got a warning that it wasn't valid for posting. Warning gives a link to edit the listing, I click it, the external images I'd set up are now gone.


It's voodoo, I'm tellin ya Rick.
I wish I had an answer...I'll keep looking though.

My Best, Donna
Originally posted by BPKBreeze:
I would argue that the problem with the externally hosted images points to a problem with your auctiva account, not your computer. As a shot in the dark, try turning off image protection if you have it on and see what happens.

You mean "image protection" as in the Auctiva feature? If so, then it's already disabled..

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