Due to problems with Auctiva Window and eBay triple charging me this month and them being stupid as always, I am listing on Yahoo for right now. I will give Auctiva users $1.50 off Each item purchased through Christmas. Maybe we all can try to list some on Yahoo and feePay can stick their fees. I know Yahoo has some bugs but it is free so you can list your extra items not on eBay. The gallery image is also free, unlike Feepay that charges you for the postage stamp sized image. Let’s give it a try. We can build-up feedback from each other.
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You get what you pay for with Yahoo.

I listed over 100 things on there and not one sold. Most got no looks at all.

I've since sold every single one of those items on eBay at twice what I had them listed for on Yahoo.

Good luck in your ventures.
I just listed 2 other sets. That is all I have for now.
I see you are trying to talk sense and reason into the mad posters. I learned not to answer posts long ago when there are server issues. They will turn on you and not be reasonable.
Yeah I know but its just my nature to try Wink

Notice I said what I had to say and moved on. I know better then to agrue with angry and frustrated posters.

Plus these guys weren't half as mad as the peeps over at the other place that was down all day!

Off to look at your coasters . . .
Originally posted by wahm922:

Off to look at your coasters . . .

Those should be perfect for you, aren't you redoing your home in southwestern?

Ho Ho Ho,
Well I have been doing my home in SouthWestern for 6 years now, just not making much progress. I pick up a few things here and there when I can Wink

Its more of a soft southwestern, I'm not to big on the dark colors. And I really love the pottery. My furniture is black leather and everything else is pine. I have the base for it, I just have to get my walls painted in a soft terra cotta look and fill in the details.

Its not easy finding SW stuff here in Florida, its all sand and seashells!


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