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Hello, can you please help. I am selling various different items on ebay and in the scrolling box there are no photos just a message saying 'I HAVE NO ITEMS FOR SALE RIGHT NOW, PLEASE COME BACK LATER'

What do I do to correct this?

I am a complete novice so please respond without being too technical.

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Hello everyone.

I'm sorry that we're having this technical issue. We will have it taken care of tomorrow morning. In the meantime, you can change the text that is displayed in your empty scrolling window by changing some settings at Follow these steps:

1. Log in (of course Smile )
2. Click the Store tab
3. Click the Store Window link
4. Click Edit Store Window
5. Scroll down to the Store Window Settings section
6. And change what's in the Empty Window Text box.

Your change should take effect immediately, even in your active listings. Hope that helps everyone.
Until the marquee window is working again, I would recommend changing your default message from "We don't have anything to sell" to "We have plenty of other great items for sale in our store". Then just direct them to the VIEW SELLER'S OTHER ITEMS button on eBay.

Or ~ "Our DYNAMITE DEALS blew out the Store Window! Click VIEW SELLER'S OTHER ITEMS"

Have fun with it ~ Be Creative. Cool
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Hi again

I misunderstood the email from Sean as I could leave a message. I was thinking that changing the message would make the window work again which is not the situation at hand. I can and did leave a message.

My understanding is that they will have the problem fixed by tomorrow

Thanks for the heads-up!
I would like the message I leave to be a direct link to EBAY'S SELLER'S OTHER ITEMS but unfortunately that can not be done. Instead I have a message there just saying to click on the ebay's seller's other items. I prepared ahead of time: I put that message there a month ago fully expecting this would happen. Gotta cover all your bases because if anything can go wrong - blah, blah, blah.

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