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I recently read somewhere (and of course I can't find it now), that eBay is going to be blocking all third party checkouts in order to give the buyer a more streamlined buying process. (Funny how eBay is all for taking care of the buyer, when the sellers are the ones making them all the money). What I want to know is if/when this happens, will we still be able to purchase Auctiva insurance ourselves? I of course prefer Auctiva insurance because it makes me a little extra money, and it would be nice if it is still available even if third party checkout gets canned.
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It's going to be a while before they take it away. At first they wanted it quick but then once they figured out they had to replicate all the things 3rd parties do to enhance checkout they revised their date to almost a year later, lol.

To answer your question though, yes, you can still purchase shipping insurance. We can even still do it for you automatically. We already do this for sellers that do not use our checkout. We can tell if a buyer that used a sellers eBay checkout opted to purchase insurance and automatically purchase it.
I am a prostore owner, I heard about this as well. ebay is not taking away third party checkout immediately, it allows the timeframe of one year. one of the reason is that they probably don't want to lose customers when buyers buy it directly from online store later as most sellers have the strategy to bring customers to their own stores due to unreasonable ebay fees (it is good for ebay of course).

for the auctiva insurance, I believe this is not taken away. the ebay platform api still support optional insurances by third party. the insurance still works but the interface will be changed a little bit.

I hope this helps.
I used auctivas checkout way back when I started but quickly got rid of it. It seemed to confusing for the buyer. I to dont like when I buy a item having to go through a 3rd party checkout. Ebays system seems the easiest and personally safest. I do use auctivas insurance and have since day one.
All you have to do is go to your account check mark insurance. Find the listing you sold under sales. Add insurance and go back to account and unclick insurance.

For multiple auctions won by same bidder you will have to file a support case and they will combine for you and purchase the insurance for you

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