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Been reading comments posted here I just tried to edit one of my auctions through ebay and it won't take the changes has any one else tried and been sucesful I was trying to post a notice that I would email photos. I also tried to put in a gallery photo through ebay and I cannot access it any ideas?
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Well, on items with more that I believe 12 hours left, you can still put an addendum on the description section....even if there are bids. For my listings ending this evening, I had my brother send me a question about the images missing and in my answer I posted links to pictures that I uploaded to Photobucket.

I then sent messages to as many bidders on those auctions as I could explaining how they could see the images. That's about the best I could think of to do to deal with this situation.

On my other listings, I added an addendum to them explaining that my image host was down and that the problem was very widespread and if the problem wasn't resolved by later this evening, I would be adding photos listed by Photobucket.

Not much you can do right now. This stuff happens. Also, don't forget, we really can't blame Auctiva. It is Amazon that Auctiva uses to host our images. Their entire storage in the US and Europe crashed. They at this point have it up and running in EU and in a number of places moving from west to east in the US.

I read that someone in NY had their images back. I'm right next door in CT, so hopefully mine will be back soon.

This thing is going to cost me a little mone, but I'm sure there are a lot of people in worse shape than me. They might have hundreds or more auctions closing this evening. That's gotta hurt.

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