I have no pics on my ebay auctiva listings or in my auctiva account,also other ebay members who use auctiva have no pics,I filled out a help ticket and they said it was fine earlier but not true,tried to see pics from 3 diff locations and 3 different computers
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Hi. I don't mean to be over simplistic here. Did you save each listing you wrote with the pictures in them on theAuctiva Sell Your Item Page?

We take then process our photos on Picasa 3. Then EWxport them to a folder on our hard drive for storage. Then I upload them to Auctiva. So when I click the add pictures onn Auctive sell page. Then Preview the whole thing, then Save it NOT Sava As, use Save. Then to launch it or them, go to Listings & click Saved. Now they all come up as Saved & you can go ahead & either launch it or Schedule them for Store or Auction. Hope this helps.

Maybe it's a simple Save from the sell page.

I also always use Sell Similar, so all the regular info is already there & just need to make the necessary changes per item. Hope this helps.

Jim, geranium5

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