I did get a message hours ago about site maintenance today (Monday) but I just had an eBay customer alert me to the fact that my auctions don't have pictures! Red X's everywhere!

Auctiva Guys? Is it just me or what's up? Is there an ETA?

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Pics are EXTREMLY slow loading today. I've ran into several Auctiva users today, and many are taking up to two mintues to load.

the gallery is taking up to 2 or 3 minutes just about everytime.

What's up Auctiva????? I promote and promote this site and that pics aren't slow loading, I don't like looking like a fool????????
I have the exact same problem!!! One minute the pictures are there and the next they're not. I have tried relisting, erasing cookies, deleting files etc and nothing worked. I didn't know I had a problem until someone emailed me and said all they saw were red x's. I had a very expensive item end today with no bids. People won't bid if they can't see pictures. This item even had watches on it.......so needless to say they didn't bid as well. I have a lot more to list but now I'm afraid the same will happen again and I will lose bids
exactly you guys---I'm having EVERY problem each one of you mentioned! Problems I've NEVER had before! I am SO disappointed--it seems we got week or two of smooth sailing after switching image hosts, but now it's going kaput again. Very disheartening. I'll have to revert to Photobucket & manual listing since there doesn't seem to be any response from Auctiva's staff.

Thanks for you replies--at least I'm not alone!
I've only been here since the end of January, however I can say that yesterday was the first time I've had problems with pics or listing.

Auctiva has it's bugs but so does every other listing service out there and the difference is Auctiva is free and has the BEST customer service.

I moved here from a paying site that was up and down and had way more problems then Auctiva. I'm also not ready to just blame Auctiva for the problems cause I've noticed a whole lot of error pages coming up on ebay lately. Ebay is having some severe glitches, and it's a billion dollar company that we all pay an awful lot of money too.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel, I like auctiva and love the customer service. I'm sticking it out with them until june when everything is converted to ebays new system. I have faith in the guys at Auctiva.
Hi Community,

To those of you who are experiencing difficulties with images not loading in the store window...The reason for this is because we had an image server go down, which has caused the speed at which images are served into the store window to decrease dramatically. Consequently, many images are timing out when they are loading, causing the message loading image to be continually displayed. We are in the process of installing a brand new image server and we should have it up and running smooth by the end of the week. Once we have the appropriate images transferred onto the new file server, store window images should be loading quickly again.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience with regard to this matter.


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