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I'm trying to select a template by clicking on that huge blue box that says "select template" on a create listing page and another white window pops up, and nothing happens, I thought maybe my pop-up blocker was preventing it but I shut it down, and still I get nothing in that window. I'm assuming there are templates to choose from? I get none. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch. Sade
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Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
You must have more than 1 popup blocker.

That has always been the case when I've seen this question asked here.

Hey Sade,

I had the same thing happen to me.
I forgot to disable and add approve the one that's with my Windows Program (I flip flop between IE and FF)...I had clicked approve this pop up via my toolbar blocker but had forgotten I had another one till someone else posted it.

Good Luck,

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