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Support Case #252508 Opened for this problem.

LastItem added yesterday at 1:15 PDT not in Store or Store Window and updated to prices haven't occurred. Item does appear in my Auctiva "Edit Store Items" list. I have an item still showing Buy-It-Now, when Reserve Price was met yesterday afternoon. It appears all updates for Store are down.

Anyone else having this problem?
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I stopped using the store window months ago because of numerous recurring problems and the lack of communication about them. You can file support requests until you are blue in the face...check this forum, and as far back as you can go, you will see that this problem has gone on for ages, no long term resolution, only temporary fixes.
Yes, I have support responses from last Christmas saying it was being worked on, so good luck with that. I'm not using a glitchy feature without an honest answer as to WHAT is the problem that keeps happening over and over and over again. Since that'll never happen, it's off for good on my listings.

After a gazillion issues recurring all the time, still NO ANNOUNCEMENT system in place. That is the single most upsetting issue, it says "I don't care about my customers."

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