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Certain Auctiva listing templates are being displayed incorrectly in my eBay listings. The total width of the template (which includes the template background, pictures, item description and store details) is not as wide as it should be in eBay. With the Auctiva templates "Muscle Car" (Template ID: 11152) and "Tool Wall" (Template ID: 10309), the entire template width is only as wide as the Side Scrolling Gallery and both the Gallery and the template are justified left, leaving a blank space to the right, as in eBay items 160482531182, 160482538707, 160482597543 and 160482555463. However, with the Auctiva template "Metal" (Template ID: 10203), the entire template width is as wide as the eBay header, as it should be, as in eBay items 160483525214 and 360301856879. This problem only seems to occur when using Windows Vista and Windows 7, in both IE8 and Firefox. The problem does not occur when using Windows XP, neither in IE8 nor Firefox. This does not appear to be a problem with the Store Header or with the Gallery being erroneously included in the item description, as was the problem in other Message Board topics. Any help would be appreciated.
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I am so relieved to see that others are having this problem too. It is so irritating to put time into creating a great description, carefully photographing items, etc, etc....only to see that the final product is TOO NARROW. Irritating!

I followed another poster's advice to remedy the situation. Here is how:
1) go to your Store
2) find the link "Manage My Store"
3) In the left column, find "Store Marketing", click on "Listing Frame".
4) Under "Store Header Features", select the button that says "Store Header Only", NOT "Store Header and left-nav. category...".

I believe this will work. Good luck,

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