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Hello 2MuchStuff -

There is a free tool available HERE that you can paste your item number into and it will scan your listings for issues relating to eBay compliance and secure links are part of that scan. The Markup tab on this tool will show you what and where the link is once your item has been scanned. As long as the item is still eligible for revision on eBay, you can then make any changes to the listing that you might need to make.

Alternately, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know what you've run into and the item number involved and our support team will be happy to take a look into it for you.

- Craig
When I click revise on my one listing, I get this message:We found non-secure (HTTP) content in your listing. Browsers display a "Not secure" message on pages that contains HTTP resources. For a secure buyer experience, you must update your content
OK, so The http content in my listing they show me is 5 photos of one, the item I'm selling hosted by Auctiva, 3 are awards hosted by Auctiva, and one other which is a link to an eBay page with contest listings where my entry is found. How can I get rid of the Auctiva photos? Can they be changed to https? If not then what good is Auctiva images?
The free tool you listed to clean up listing of active content has little to do with the auctiva hosted photos which begin http. Will it change them to https?
I put in the the listing number and it said no active content found. You see, eBay told me that if I didn't remove http content that Chrome users would be warned my site is insecure, meaning I will lose customers who use Chrome if they pay attention to warnings of in secure sites. What will you do about that? I am not the only one with this issue. It began Oct 17th.
Hello hippophile -

Auctiva hosted images have been made HTTPS for quite a while now to comply with eBay's recent policy change - so it sounds like we'd need to take look at some specific listings to see what you're running into - we've updated our links and images to use HTTPS so any newly posted listing will comply with eBay's policies.

Please file a support case with the details of what you're running into and a few item numbers where this is occurring and our support team will be happy to take a look into it.

- Craig

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