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Created 30 some listings 11/16 & 11/19 & ss not working on any.Red Face In restricted area. 172985011903 is one, see others.
If I had to guess cause might be these are all relists of older creations & children of same??
What else? Confused Not template, just markups & edits. Never saw advice you must create new from scratch now to get ss?
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Hi ukidnme$!

Due to the changes in eBay's link policy, as you may be aware, we had to change the how we offer the supersize image function. With this being the case, we no longer offer it on listings without templates, as you may have read in a previous post.

However, we still offer the Supersize Image option when using our templates.

When creating a listing in Auctiva, you are presented with the option to include a template into your listing in the "Select Template" section. Clicking the "Select Template" box in this section will allow you to peruse and choose your desired template to apply to your listing.

Applying a template to your saved listings can be done in bulk of up to 250 listings at a time using our "Advanced Edit" tool on the Saved Listings page.
To apply a template in bulk to your saved listings, please follow these steps:

1) Hover your mouse over the "Listings" tab and click on "Saved".
2) Check the boxes beside the listings you would like to place the new template to. (If Selecting all of them, you can check the "All" box beside the "Post" Button to select all listings on the page.)
3) Click the "Advanced Edit" button.
4) In the "Field" dropdown menu, select "Listing Template".
5) Select the specific template you would like to replace with the new one, or "All" to replace all templates.
6) Click "Select" template, choose your new template.
7) Once you have chosen your template, click "Save Template to Listing" and Press "Continue."
8) Confirm the changes that will be made. You should receive a confirmation that it was completed.

Please note that selecting a template from the saved listing will not affect the listing that is currently on eBay, however, the easiest way to apply a template to an active listing is to end the currently active listing and repost it from your Saved Listings after applying your desired template to the listings.

If you do not wish to end your currently active listings, you can also revise the Active listing using the HTML from the corresponding saved listing per listing, by following these steps:

Within Auctiva:

1) Hover your mouse over the "Listings" tab and click on "Saved".
2) Next to the Saved Listing you want to use, you will see a button to the right that says "</>" on it. (It's below and to the right of the little button with the Magnifying glass on it.)
3) A pop up window with the HTML code for your saved listing will appear.
4) Click inside the box and Hold "CTRL" and press "A" to highlight the whole description.
5) While still holding "CTRL" press "C" to copy the highlighted text to your clipboard.
6) Release the "CTRL" key and open any word processing software. (I use Wordpad. You could also use Word, Notepad, ect.)
7) Click inside the box and Hold "CTRL" and press "V" to paste the HTML code into the word processor.

Once you have the information copied, open up the corresponding active listing on eBay and follow these steps:

1) Click the "Revise your Item" link on the item.
2) Scroll about 1/3 down the page to the “Description” section and click the “HTML” tab on the editor.
3) Click inside the HTML description and Hold "CTRL" and press "A" to highlight the whole description.
4) Release the "Ctrl" key and press the "Delete" key to remove all text.
5) Once the box is blank, place cursor inside of the "Description" section and Hold "CTRL" and press "V" to paste the HTML code that you have copied from Auctiva.
6) Click on the "Standard" tab to review your description.
7) Save your description.

Please note that eBay has some restrictions on revising a listing and that are defined here. Please refer to this page to find if eBay will allow you to revise the listing.

If you have any further questions or need further help in updating your listings, please feel free to reach out to our support team at and they will be able to assist you further.
Hello Lacepeb -

Apologies for the delayed response.

Yes, if you select a different template for a listing, the initially selected template will no longer be applied. So, if you have a custom template that you are using selecting from any of our available templates would replace that template on to whichever listing you are working on.

If you are running into trouble with a custom template, please feel free to let us know the details of what you are running into in a support case and we'll be happy to assist you.

- Craig

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