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Hi jgold,
Good question about the scrolling gallery! As far as I know, it doesn't sound like the scrolling gallery would be limited by where you were selling your items (Australia, Singapore, UK) so I'm not sure why you have having trouble seeing those items.

Did you try 'featuring' the item(s) that you would like to be displayed in the scrolling gallery? Check out this tutorial about editing Emporium items to learn how to 'feature' listings (in Step 4).

Also, here are a few scrolling gallery details to remember:
The Auctiva scrolling gallery can only feature 16 items.

The scrolling gallery is refreshed about every 2 hours and will display items that are ending around the same time as your most popular listings, unless you've chosen to hide or feature a certain listing in your Auctiva Emporium.

As items end, new listings will be automatically added into your scrolling gallery.

There are six different scrolling gallery types and you can edit everything from how your listings are displayed, where the gallery will appear on a page and even the colors of the gallery,

For more scrolling gallery details, check out this tutorial

If you still find that your gallery isn't doing what you'd like and you'd like some extra help, please file a support case so we can look into the issue further.

Happy selling!
Jenny at Auctiva

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