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I am unable to post anything on, it has ben like that for over 24hrs, filed support ticket but nobody cares to answer, all listings come up with an error "Not posted in time". Everything worked day before. Tried different computers, web browsers, refreshed eBay token and still no joy... Any suggestions?
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We are really sorry for your inconvenience. Our support team is working through support cases as fast as possible, but we have a considerably higher than normal support volume do to ebay active content changes and helping users with our new mobile responsive and active content-free templates. In conjunction with the ebay's enforcement of the active content ban on ebay EU sites, we stop listings from posting that contain active content this give our users the option to clean it up the way they would like (and not get potentially dinged by ebay for listing with active content).

In your particular case, it's likely active content in a custom template (if your using one) or perhaps in seller details profile. In the case of a custom template, you can navigate to, select the template you are using in the listing in question and click the source button to look for active content, remove it, and save. You'd want to look for <script> tags, <object> tags in the html.

If it's in the seller details profile, navigate to, select the seller details profile your using in the listings, edit and review the source (by clicking the source button) on each tab again looking for active content tags. You can then remove it and save.

The good thing about both cases, is once you remove and save, its a one time thing, and all your future posted listings will no longer contain that active content.

One other thing of note, we've seen several instance where users have copy pasted html/content from other browsers, Microsoft Word, etc. and when pasted this content has contained hidden active content which has caused problems for sellers.

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