Is anyone else having listings that are not posting???? They are coming up as scheduled and I cant post at all. I thought it was just slow. Thanks, Suzanne
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YES - I have been trying to post 3 listings for about a 1 1/2 hrs and they come up with a failure error. Don't know what is going on, but it sure is frustrating. I have stopped listing anything, because I am afraid they will post numerous times instead of just once!!
I am also having this problem.. I have cancelled and tried again a couple of times... I hope it doesn't list my item multiple times...

I filed a problem report with auctiva but havent heard anything. I am still listing but they are not posting they show as scheduled then the star goes away. I am not going to post them again since this happened to me before and they posted multiple times. I figure at least they will be saved and I can get some work done until they fix it. Hope this helps!
well, i filed a "tech support ticket"....not that it will do any good as they (auctiva) already know about the issue...i just wish they'd COMMUNICATE with us a little better.

i love this site, but that is one major issue i do have with it...response or "updates" to site issues are never communicated to us in any kind of timely fashion...only after several of us on here have to post numerous (complaints) or posts' about the problems will someone actually respond to us.

i just wish auctiva would be a little more PROACTIVE in this area! Frown
Hi, still no word from Auctiva but my last 2 posted right away, and I went back to the ones that failed and did a "post now" one at a time and they have all posted only once. They will show as posted and also on your ebay screen but the confirmation email is very slowwwww. hope this helps
Hi again, Auctiva just emailed and said it was a problem with one of their servers that caused the problem only for a small percentage of people..guess thats us, it seems to be gone on my end except although they are posting, I still havent received the ebay listing confirmation. Hope this help & good luck!
My auctions will not post did the same thing last saturday....Sigh!!!! This is my only income, and with this happening 3 times this week....its very frustrating. I just filed a support request

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