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Has anyone recently had less than normal feedback left after an auction closes and after the buyer has paid, you've shipped the item and the deal is complete?

I don't yet have a system or automatic email set up to politely ask buyers to leave feedback if everything is good but my last 4 to 5 fully completed auctions I haven't received any feedback. One guy I did ask in a follow up email, but he never responded or cared to write one. I feel I have great customer service. And I leave feedback as soon as I ship so it's not that they are waiting for me to leave any first.

And of the ones from earlier auctions who left feedback one guy simple wrote "as stated" where as I left my usual GLOWING positive feedback using every last character.

This is not usually how it goes, so I'm a little confused. What gives?
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Hi Wes,
All I can say is don't worry about it, it will come. Some members never leave FB (remember, it's voluntary). Some leave it in batches (like I do, as a buyer) I had a buyer once with a 400 plus FB score but she had NEVER left a FB for anyone else. (wierd huh Smile But it's NEVER a good idea to write and ask for one, or do a follow up to see if they got their item ...that can end up opening a can of worms. No news is good news in this case.

It's a shame, FB has taken on such a life of it's own, much more than it deserves. In the past I would have never left FB first but with the crazy new one-sided policy I don't really care anymore. I leave it right after payment but it seems to have worked out well..I get more FB now than I did before.

I know that if your score is low you may be restricted to certain ebay functions, etc. but try to be patient. It WILL come Smile
I guess having this discussion helped. I received two new feedbacks since.

Thanks for your encouraging reply 8880. One of the no feedback winners has 3-4 glowing positives received (new member). I checked her feedback left for others thinking I was the only one unlucky enough not to have received any. However, she hadn't left anyone feedback.

But I will say my sales have been quite good at only 61 100% FB. Oh, I mean 63...just went up a couple!

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