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This update was shown on November 7th update I cut/pasted from announcement.

EBay item numbers are now displayed when you successfully post a listing from the one-page lister. This will help users know immediately if their listing was posted or not due to an eBay API error.

I am currently listing in foxfire because of the enter skipping down issue on chrome. Above indicates that auction # is going to show up on page when you list from saved listing page.

Here is what I get when posting from this page:
Your ad has been submitted to eBay to post immediately. If eBay finds a problem with your ad and does not post it, their error message can be found here:
View Scheduled Ads

Anyone else having this not show ebay number?
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You will only see the eBay item # for a successful listing when you hit "Post" from the one-page lister, not the Saved Listing page.

Hope that clears up any confusion you had. If you aren't seeing the eBay item # displayed when posting from the one-page lister, please file a Customer Support Help request so our engineers can look into it. Thanks!

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