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I see ebay has teamed up with another company to provide discounted insurance plans for anyone with a pro store. It wont take long before this option will be available to everyone. I wonder if auctivas working on something to combat this or wait to the last minute as it has been my experience that they do.
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Well Jeff, Its not that they ignored Auctiva. The article also mentioned the new Editing tools auctiva and others now have to offer via 3rd party service.
Ive mentioned this before in other forums on here pertaining to insurance but this is the first anyone showed any interest.
As for a link I didnt want to post in plain site information that was iffy in a auctiva forum. Even though it is a official Ebay announcement
Ive passed the info on. Its in your court to do what you think is best. I would guess the November newsletter is posted on ebay somewhere.
At least I do know you are well aware now from your response.
Ive been pushing a bulk plan for awhile now but seemed there was no interest on auctivas end so I have backed off that.

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