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I'm having some interesting problems that seem to date to latest group of Auctiva enhancements and am curous if other Auctiva members are experiencing similar problems.

I have both Auctiva Invoice and Insurance disabled to use standard EBAY until Phase 2 with combined invoice/insurance is working.

1. I offer Insurance (USPS) as Optional on an Auction, but the EBAY Invoice that normally would show optional, now shows not offered. I have to now manually adjust the invoice to force the offer for insurance when invoicing an item.

2. I had a combined Invoice yesterday for two items won, both with optional insurance and the attempt to manually adjust FAILED. Further, a DISCOUNT placed in the Invoice also failed. I did the EBAY display check before the invoice was sent and it appeared correct.

I am not certain if this is an EBAY or AUCTIVA problem, but the problems do trace back to recent set of Auctiva changes. Is anyone else having similar problems with EBAY invoicing?

If an Auctiva rep spots this thread, is it possible Auctiva is setting some type of flags on the auction at submission that might account for these problems at checkout?

I just submitted another auction yesterday identical to ones having the problem, so you can trace what might be happening.

Note, the insurance is showing US $1.35 Optional on the auction.

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