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I am usually a lurker on these boards, but I thought you all might find this amusing. It's from a Smart Money Magazine interview with Meg Whitman in August of last year. Oh, the title of the article is "Let the Customers Run the Company"

"SM: What have you learned at eBay that could be applied at other companies?

MW: Many companies operate from more of a command-and-control environment — they decide what's going to happen at headquarters and have the organization execute. That doesn't work here because it's the community of users who really have control.

So we enable, not direct. We think of our customers as people, not wallets. And that has implications for how we run the company. We partner with our customers and let them take the company where they think it's best utilized."

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I think that might have been part of her appeal. "You know, she's not always sayin' the smartest, or even the rightest thing, but she's just plain ole' common folk like me."

She has the attitude of a big old fish just a bumpin' around in the water..."when was yesterday... is today here yet", and "wasn't tomorrow fun?"

(start humming the tune 'Maneater' by Hall & Oates)<--aged myself on that one...

Beware folks! She's a baracuda in manatee skin! See her coming or not, she will get her prey...

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