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Just a heads up that you need to watch your DSRs...

I haven't had FB for 3 weeks and mine all went down a couple of days ago. eBay's live help said they've been having reports of this happening and will have it fixed within 24 hours. Goin' on 48 hours now and they're still unchanged. Yep, I'm mad! Mad
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Hi Jeff.
My last star for S&H was a 4.9. I've had that one awhile and know who gave it to me, even though we're not suppose to know... Someone asked for practically no shipping via First Class, which I granted (silly me!), used a bubble envelope and even ate some of the cost. I always ship in boxes, except international when it fits into a flat rate priority envelope with bubble wrap or a bubble envelope inside the priority one. I believe the new international flat rate boxes are sure gonna be nice! Rather large for my items, but the cost will be much more reasonable. I just like using Priority, period. Smile
/ramble Big Grin

I've used your link from the other thread and have it set to receive emails.

Now all of my stars are 4.9. I went back to eBay's live help last night. Twice now for me, they've said this is a known issue and the tech team is still working on it. I say 'get it fixed already!' Mad
Originally posted by ChooChooGuy:
Simple, buyers do not want to pay for shipping or packaging materials Smile

Not quite true, sellers who do free shipping are also reporting they can only get about 4.8, so what gives?

What gives is that when buyers leave a star, they see a "4" as "good", "as expected", "everything is OK".

All those descriptions and synonyms perfectly describe a "4". So why would a buyer leave a "5" ? The listing said "free shipping", you got free shipping, so nothing was "extra special candy coated out of the ordinary super duper". You see where I'm heading with this?

I guess I'm repeating myself from two messages up Big Grin

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