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poster/person responding is selling? I have not been able to see what the people posting are selling. I personally thought that by posting here you would easily be able to see that and possibly increase your sales? I may have totaly missed the boat on that one.

The only way I can see it is if they add a link each time and if they do that.

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Thanks gitasan (I notice you haven't bid on any yet! Big Grin ) The trick is to put the link in your forum signature. At the top of this thread, click the left hand tab (Go), then Personal Zone, then Profile. Over on the right, click View/Edit Complete Profile, then scroll down to the Signature box. Put what you want in there, submit it, and hey ho, Bob's your uncle. You won't forget it again.

EDIT - I just looked at your store, you've got lots of nice stuff Smile But what you could really do with is some books Big Grin I could do a deal on postage!
member 8... ok but what if I wanted to look at your stuff, i tried to even thru Auctiva and was not able to. If I wanted to take the time to do it I could... but takes too much time.

I just think we may be able to get more hits/purchases if it was just an easy click. just meSmile

handlep... I do have some books that sell like HOT CAKES in the UK...Madonna book set. take a look good shipping rates tooSmile
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ok...maybe I missed the point of these boards. (hope you do not mind me...not trying to be fresh or anything.)
But when people put stuff up on sell it now. it is so hard to get to their stuff unless they remember to put the link. It would be useful if you wanted people to see your stuff they could? that's just my thought.
thanks for your help!

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Hi many people do like the anonymity that Auctiva provides. I got berated in a thread I was posting to the other day because I had nothing for sale at the time??? BTW I still do not, but I like the discussion boards here. I am sure there is no requirement to have something for sale when you post. It does help when a newbie comes on with a question about modifying a listing to be able to find their listings. Usually they post a generic question about why does my auction look such and such a way but do not provide a link. It would be nice if everyone was required to put a link in their profile that they could OPTIONALLY add when posting if they wanted to.
Gitasan I do like to look at what others have for sale but I am sure some members do not want that.
Maybe someone is in on the ground floor of Widgets and does not want other sellers to see how many they are selling and then trying to find a supply to sell themselves. Too much competition has a tendency to drive prices down as you know.
I would never make it required to have a link.

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