even in my 'edit store window' section, when I choose 'my items' for the preview it shows items that are no longer for sale rather than current items. However the new items show in my showcase? any ideas? thanks
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Have you opened a support ticket? Until then, might I suggest taking advantage of checking the listings that you do not want in your showcase and making them hidden.
hi bargain huntress, I just want to say thank you for your diligent responses to my dilhemma Smile

however I think my terrible explaining has pointed you in the wrong direction everytime! lol but thank so much! so helpful! Smile

well my showcase works (which is what you saw with the featured item on the side) but what I really dont get is the storw window is still showing the old items and not refreshing (here's an item I have it in so you can see: 7721479539)

ALso, you talked of hiding these items, how do I do that? thanks! Smile
I foung the hidden items area (for the store window) and those items that are hogging my store window arent there as they are over! Frown what to do!
I do not see the old listings you speak of, when I saw the 4 yesterday I double check thru ebay to see what you have current and they showed correctly. Today the same thing, you have added about 10 new listings, it is showing you with 14 now.

As far as the hidden, it is in the same area where you can make featured listings. Go to Store --> Showcase --> Edit Showcase --> You would click the ones you want hidden, and instead of hitting the "feature" button, go to the left of that is the make hidden button.


Sorry didn't fully read your last post. I will leave the rest up for others to see though.

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