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Well, since we are paying (sometimes hefty) fees for listing, I myself would go for a 3 or 5 day listing if I wanted to make it short. The more exposure the better. The only item I could think of just off the top of my head for a one day listing would be concert tickets or other time sensitive items. But remember, ebay will have to 'index' every listing, I've had some take 12 hours to be searchable. There goes most of your exposure. And they pay particular attention to one day listings, as those are the ones favored by scammers and accounts that have been hijacked.
One day listings make sense if it is a heavy demand item. Scrap gold for example sells well on 1 day lists.However unless immediate cash-flow is a problem do at least 3 day, the exposure definitely helps in the overall price breakdown. Most people do not check daily for new items and you may miss that one person that wants your item.
If nothing else he is breaking eBay policy by running more than 10 auctions for the same item.
Yeah that is definetely a scam but look at his upside! 300 x 9.99 starting bid is almost 3000 dollars.
You figure maybe 1100 dollars in fess and associated costs depending on his "ENVELOPES" with there gifts. "Anything that is inside the envelope that you purchase is a gift and only a gift from me to the envelope purchaser and nothing more!" Hmm could be a penny a nickel??
Yeah stay away from that one.
HMMMMMMMM what if I were to.....LMAO Cool
I guess, if this is a hijacked account, some of the bidders, or all, may also be from other hijacked accounts this perp has take in order to prime the flow for people to really start bidding on this or other ones like it he will setup soon.

I never like to bid on anything where the feedback history of the seller is just starting or very limited & the buyers all seem to be "0's" and "1's". My Spider Senses start to tingle. Add in the nature of the auction and its all a bad sign.

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