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Because of recent discussions about spam blacklists and people getting their emails to customers rejected by such lists, I just thought I would offer to anyone that wants, to check their email against the following blacklists

SpamCop Blacklist
SPEWS level 1
DSBL open relays
Spamhaus Blacklist
Composite Blocking List
Spamhaus XBL

Just send an email to me wayoutwest at spamcop<dot>net and it will run it against all those spam blacklists.

But, FIRST let me know to be looking for it by posting here (or if you have my real email addy, just email me at real email addy)

Reason I say let me know ahead of time, I hardly ever login to that acct.

Also, that acct will be expiring at the end of the month, so better be quick Wink

It's not a complete list of spam blacklists, and of course doesnt take into consideration things like aol's spam filtering, hotmail's, etc., they run their own algorithms. But nonetheless...

Also, some of those are easy to get youself removed from, others are pain, and some next to impossible. There's even one that wants you to pay a fine! And if it's your email provider's fault that youre getting blocked, makes it next to impossible to get removed from the one that wants to fine ya.

But anyway, thought I'd put the offer out there for those that have had probs getting emails to customers.
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