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What does this mean? I read this in this forum in a reply dated Posted April 08, 2009 12:45 PM by Auctiva Mike D. Auctiva Support Elite


Here is the post for reference:

Based on the comment and the time of posting, I assume at the end of this month, April.

The instability of the Auctiva site over the past two months has killed any productivity on my part listing auctions through Auctiva. Currently I have been migrating all my auctions out of Auctiva and am down to four active auctions created through Auctiva left ending today Sunday. The fiasco of the virus infection in the last month of February cost me at least a week of lost time and problems. I forgave that episode as just bad luck for me a newbie who just started listing on eBay and Auctiva. But there were still problems after that. The new facelift to Auctiva's look caused issues. It was a cruel April Fool’s Day joke to put through that upgrade and all the issues it seemed to cause to a "small subset of Auctiva users" all month. The last week of not being able to log in or post listing without loosing the Internet connection was terrible as I could not get much done. So I gave up on using Auctiva and was trying to figure out how to list without Auctiva.

I am having second thoughts about leaving Auctiva as it seems like the Auctiva site is working better now with no major complaints in the forums. I have never experienced a stretch of weeks of problem free listing on Auctiva in the two months I have been using Auctiva. Many Auctiva users swear by it in the eBay forums, which is where I heard of you. Auctiva is such a great concept and when working properly, it is extremely fast making listing.

But now I have read this post and shudder at the thought of working with Auctiva the first week of May with the "MAJOR SITE UPGRADE" referenced above. What was the facelift with the web menus and look of Auctiva at the beginning of this month? A minor upgrade? I cannot fathom what a major site upgrade will do to the reliability and availability of Auctiva when compared to the facelift minor upgrade.

What is being done at the end of this month? I understand that Auctiva have to keep up with the eBay changes that are happening at the same time. What is the purpose and scope of your "MAJOR SITE UPGRADE" in simple terms for the Auctiva users?

Please don’t wait until the day before the upgrade to tell us that your are implementing this “MAJOR SITE UPGRADE”. This is what was done in the past March 30 upgrade. If you give Auctiva users a weeks warning with an outline of the scopre of the changes, a least some of them can schedule work around those questionable days after the upgrade.

Is there a public schedule of what is being worked on and when it is being implemented? EBay regularly posts its directions where is going because it impacts many people.

I sincerely hope that there are not any problems but reality says that there will be some issues. Please reply with a meaningful answer.
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There you go. 16 hour notice on this upgrade. Minimal warning as usual. I was logged in yesterday and got no notice when I logged in early in the morning. I did not see any email in my email account. Did I miss it?

This site upgrade has been planned for months. But you chose today to implement. You are screwing me and many other users today.

Why? It is 15-cent fee day for one day on eBay!

Auctiva, you are a bunch of irresponsible dummies who do not care one bit about your customers!!!!!

This should be your new slogan!

Auctiva! Never reliable! Never available!

See this post for the last minute upgrade announcement!

Auctiva site will be screwed for days if not weeks with bugs from this upgrade.

Auctiva, you cannot do major upgrades without notifying your users at least a week in advance. This is ridiculous. EBay announced yesterday they were putting in a 15-cent flat fee day. You screwed me again.

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