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ConfusedIf I posted this in the wrong place, PLease let me know. Not only am I a newbie here, but I am also a Newbie to Ebay.
So I am pretty overwhelmed to say the least.
I have no idea if I am listing my item correctly to where people can find it. I have no idea if it is appealing or not. I also have alot of questions. So if there is someone here that is very familiar with the ins and outs of ebay, and would be willing to help me, PLEASE let me know.
Thanks so much,
Lonestargal Frown
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Hi "Overwhelmed".
How are you finding things? Are you a pro by now or are you still looking for some help. One way to get help is to post a question, making sure the subject line/title is directed toward the information eg. Need help loading pictures, or Please Critique My Listing... etc etc.
I find that if you post something like Please Help... it doesn't really get anyone's attention.
I have adjusted settings to alert me when you post anything. If I can help, I will.

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