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I'd like your opinions/advice on the cheapest material for filling voids in boxes? I use bubble wrap to protect my merchandise, but sometimes I have space in the box that needs to be filled.

Right now, I use up the packing material that comes with shipments from my distributor (paper and air pillows, usually). Then I use crumpled up bubble wrap, which is probably stupid because that stuff isn't cheap. Smile

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Air pillows are the most cost effective, due to their light weight, and generally do a good job. Otherwise...the classic packing peanuts...can't go wrong with them.

I used to use Newspaper...but as I became a Higher-volume seller, I quite with that method because I wanted my products to appear more "professionally packed" Currently I use packing peanuts and Air pillows, depending on the space I need to fill.
Hi Cakethings,
Air pillows are nice, but hard to find sometimes. I personally use 1/2 bubble wrap or Packing peanuts to fill in my voids and have not a had any complaints yet. Most people will be there supplies on eBay for several reason: Generally you can get the supplies cheaper then loca retail, or shipping centers for what they charge. Most of my customers use Packing peanuts to fill in there void. If you have any questions about shipping supplies email me at or check my ebay store

I pride myself in being cheap. Roll Eyes If I have something fragile, I usually put some cardboard around it first (an old box that something was shipped to me in breaks down nicely, I also get a lot of boxes from when I buy box lots at auctions). After the cardboard I use good 1/2" bubble wrap. Of course, like you said, there is usually that void to fill. To fill this void, I use shredding. If you don't have a shredder they are not that much money for a small one, you can usually get them for around $10. I get many + fb's about my great, safe shipping. Just make sure it is strip shreds, not the cross-cut Wink The shredding might be a little heavier, but an extra ounce usually doesn't affect the cost of the package unless you are exactly at a specific pound mark. You may not think you have things to shred, but believe me once you get into the habit you will end up with too much lol... I never noticed how many things printed wrong or how many times the kids actually printed their cover pages for their projects before getting them "just right". Junk mail is always fun to shred. Just make sure you're not shredding your bills - can't get rid of them that easy! Oh and yeah, there's always that identity theft issue Wink

I understand that you may want things to look professionally packed as cavaleriesoldaat said, but I don't think this is too bad... maybe it's the mid between newspaper and peanuts. One of these days maybe I'll become high-volume too and will be able to afford the peanuts Big Grin

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