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Before recent changes the "paired" selection for the image grouping in listings used to default to having a single image on top (when there was an odd number of images) and now it defaults to a pair at the top and a single image at the bottom.

My question is: Is there any way to choose between the two on a listing-by-listing basis? I'd really love that option.

If it's not possible, I'm curious why the change was made.
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I haven't changed my alignment choice -- if I ever did it was a couple of years ago. I always top-align and never left-align. In fact, I didn't even remember what the "Top + Left layout" reference meant -- I had to go look for it and found the dropdown.

Around the time the new features were rolled out the "paired" option simply started working differently. In other words, one week it worked this way, the next week it worked that way.

But now I'm super curious: Why would the alignment choice have anything to do with how the "paired" funcion works? And how would anybody know that?

So, "Top + Left" means the orphan goes to top. "Top" means the orphan goes to the bottom. And I presume that "Top + Right" means the orphan goes to the bottom?

Hi Rick,

I just tested the set of circumstances you are describing within our test account and, when I select "Paired" image grouping in conjunction with an odd number of images, the first image is centered at the top of the listing and the pair(s) of images are displayed below the description.

We would need to take a look at the specific listings that are exhbiting this problem to diagnose why the behavior you are experiencing is different. Therefore, for further assistance with this matter, I recommend contacting our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page:


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