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Forgive me if this has already been covered. I have searched for a bit and still don't understansd how or if I can do this.
I accept Paypal & USD money orders. In my listings at top it shows: paypal, money orders & cashiers check.
Although I have my information listed down further in my listing, alot of people don't see it or pay attention.
I can't seem to find a way to change it on my template. There is no other?
Sorry if I have made this confusing! Please help a newbie!
By the way, I am loving auctiva!!!
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Most of that information is outside of the seller written listing and consequently the templated area i.e. fixed by eBay.

You could add an information panel within the listing description as I do, concise but clear, however most troublesome transactions are due to buyers not reading a listing.

The more you write the less it is read Wink
That's what I figured. Most people see the forms of payment accepted at the top of listing as Paypal, Money order, Cashiers check.
I really prefer just paypal & postal money orders, but it makes it confusing to customers because they see the other at top first.
Some even figure since it states it in the listing then I have to accept them.
Just trying to figure out a way to accept paypal, & usps money orders only without having problems!
Thanks for your help!

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