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I just signed up for this service.
I am looking forward to this alternative to PayPal,the drawback is that it's only available to powersellers. Seems they recently included bronze level powersellers to the mix, I think soon they will have a level of service that can be used for websites,that's what I'm really after to accept credit cards without a heavy initial cost to my store.

Auctiva eBay store
I may check into using Paymate on my eCommerce site though. ProPay is also developing a similar option for eCommerce,I'm guessing the rates will be similar to ProPay eAuction. The rates at the bronze level PowerSeller are 3.10 % + $0.30 for Visa,MC, and Discover. The rate is higher for American Express at 3.60 % + $0.30. The great thing is no monthly fees, just pay per sale which is just what I need right now instead of the $30.00 plus a month for etc. Big Grin
Originally posted by marty_j35:
Originally posted by Jeff Saunders:
Paymate is not ProPay, they are different services.

I opened The ProPay eAuction account. here is the link: It has nothing to do with Paymate that I'm aware of Big Grin You have to be at least a bronze level PowerSeller to sign up for this account though.

Exactly...ProPay is a glorified version of PayPAL and BOTH require registration and YOUR Authorization for them to take Any or ALL of the MONEY from Your Account that You allow them access to at any time and for ANY REASON and no Reason at all...bad news for many;
just check out or;

Both list now, 10's of THOUSANDS of people who were ripped off by PayPal (myself included). charges a flat 3% and 50 cents per transaction...done. No Registration for buyers, they can use MC-Visa-DC bing-bang-boom-done, and paymate WON'T debit Your account "automatically" at the first sign of a dispute on the part of a buyer.
Nice touch by me.

Now if only we can get HERE to add them to the Checkout/Payment Options?

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