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I had recently filed a dispute against a buyer in order to recover my Paypal funds for an item not received. The dispute was awarded in my favor but as the seller had no funds available I did not receive a copper.
I then requested that the transaction fees that were collected by both E-Bay and Paypal be returned to me, at the very least, but was notified that I would not be getting those fees back either.
Not only was I ripped off by the origional seller but by both E-Bay and paypal as well.
If buyers are not protected from fraudulant sellers or a buyer protection policy that does not legally exist....
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Your post is very confusing...if you were the BUYER why would you try to get fees back?? You wouldn't have had any fees Confused

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you (JMO)
If reports were filed in a timely manner, before deadlines, you would eventually get your money back for an item not recieved. Sometimes it takes awhile, but as I said when I answered your other post about this, PP has a big GLITCH going on right now and you need to call them.

See here:

EDIT--Here are the phone numbers:

1-888-221-1161 (Toll Free for Business/Premier)
1-888-204-4481 (Toll Free for Business/Premier)
1-402-935-7733 (Personal Accounts)
1-402-935-2057 (Personal Accounts)
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"Your post is very confusing...if you were the BUYER why would you try to get fees back?? You wouldn't have had any fees..."

I am referring to the fees that were initially collected by E-Bay & paypal for the transaction. As for my submission of a claim or dispute, I filed it within 14 days of the origional transaction which is within the guidelines of the buyer protection policy.
I have already filed a fraud complaint with RECOIL but I am sure it will never be investigated.
I will, however; take your advice and call Paypal again to see if there is anything that can be done but now the seller is no longer a registered member and not sure if this will be another issue.
Important your claim still open or did Paypal close it?

The claim was closed as a result. They, Paypal, assured me that they will continue to monitor the sellers account and will issue the refund "if" funds become available.
As you mentioned earlier, I viewed the box that was in the listing and it showed Paypal Buyer Protection for the amount of $315.00 (Canadien).
I am well within the limits for this transaction as I am out $230.00 and should be covered...right?

Thanks for the input member_8880 I really appreciate it.
Yes you should be covered, but you'll have to call them.

This happened to me awhile back and when Paypal closed my claim they sent an email saying they couldn't collect any money (seller cleaned out their acct). But seller had $200 buyer protection so I called PPand raised hell and finally got my money back (but it took awhile).

During all this I kept reading on Ebay's community boards about the glitch, so calling was the right thing to do. Hope it works out for you too. Smile

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