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Hi guys! We sellers in Australia got notified that the payment options for buyers from mid June will be only PayPal or cash on pickup!!! They said:
Pay on pick up can only be offered in conjunction with PayPal. No other payment methods will be permitted.

Is this the case for you in the US and UK and Europe? We are absolutely flabbergasted!!! That will mean no more Postal Notes or bank transfers, and so many people do not want to use PayPal locally...

Please let me know what the situation is outside eBay au... Ta, Kerry
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Hi! So does that mean this rule has already been in place in the US? I've seen bank cheque/money order/other on US ebay listings... It will really affect sales here, as not everyone has a credit card, or wants to use PayPal. Many do direct deposits at branches. internet transfers and Postal Notes from Post offices! And of course its cheaper for us to have them use non-PayPal methods of paying!

Ebay they say is declining in profit, and this type of ruling is going to bite them in the butt, as sellers and buyers both will disengage further. Or is this their desperate measure to get the profit margins up again!!!?

What do you all think? We are all disgruntled Down Under!
"Required to accept it" is a whole lot different than "only can accept Paypal".

New US sellers can still take checks, MO, merchant accounts, cash in addition to "required to accept it" Paypal.

In OZ it's Paypal ONLY. Period.

I can see where this would have OZ sellers very upset. From what I'm reading there is a decent infrastructure in place for sellers/buyers to electronically exchange cash without using Paypal, and a lot of them don't use or trust Paypal.

As for my sales, 99.9% are paid with Paypal, and I'm fortunate to never of had a problem. While I doubt the US site will go this way, if it did, I don't think I'd be bothered. I prefer to have payments made this way even though I will accept checks & MOs. But that's MY choice, and it's FREEDOM of choice. OZ sellers now have had their freedom of choice taken away, so you can imagine how they feel.
Thanks Jeff for your understanding and support. Not only us Oz sellers will be upset to lose their freedom of choice of payment methods, but the Oz buyers too. Yes, our banking system works very well and internet transfers are reliable and common payment methods for many businesses.

This infringes our freedom of choice and is really a type of monopoly arrangement. I wonder how they can do this legally... Are there any Oz lawyers out there who specialize in this area???

So, this PayPal enforcement does not exist in the US. What about the UK & European eBay? Be careful, or you guys might be next!!!
Me not bothered Smile

I get most of my sales and make most of my purchases with PP, very few want to wait for cheques these days, or pay high charges for Postal Orders in the UK. PP acceptance also aids impulse buyers to buy, buy buy.

Had far more hassle when buying with a cheque than ever using PP, give me PP for buying every time. At least a deadbeat seller can have the payment pulled back from him if he cannot be bothered to post your win, try getting a cashed cheque refunded, it is no fun I can tell you.

To me the only thing worse than a paper cheque is an e-cheque, goodness know why people use them, jokingly supposed to clear in 4 working days, more like at least 10 working or is it could not care less dozing days Wink

Given the state of many sellers abilities I look forward to PP only here too - waits a few seconds for a tirade of opposite opinion, tin hat on Smile
The good thing about paypal is people don't forget to mail the check. I think ebay is foolish forbidding Australian sellers not to take anything but paypal. A lot of countries I have found do not use credit cards. When an e-check clears even from neighboring Canada it can take weeks. In America most of us use the credit cards all the time. I guess who is in charge must be an idiot who thinks all countries are this way. If they had sold much on ebay they would know the difference. If I only took paypal, my business would drop to nothing.
The outrage over this issue in Australia has been so great that eBay are holding face to face Q&A sessions all over the country.

Paypal only payments here is a TEST CASE - if successful here, it will be applied to the rest oif the world.

I am attending one of these sessions later today. If you would like me to make a comment on your behalf, please reply to this thread...
Paypal should not be an option for people selling stuff from home like me as I will make no money on items at all. If I list an item for .99cents and it sells at that price then I make a loss as I have to pay ebay and the paypal fee. Might as well have given it away. Paypal fees should be paid by the buyer if they wish to use the service, like at Auctions houses, buyers pay a 15% premium on the goods purchased. That covers the costs.
I will not be selling once Paypal only applies in Australia. I sell from home and do not use this to supplement income/run business. This just means that ebay gets to make more money- and I don't make a profit off selling kids outgrown/unworn clothes. I will be giving away the clothes or having a garage sale.
So this is one more buyer/seller that wont use the "fantastic" new system.
Hey Folks, I'm an Aussie and I'm FUMING!! Mad
If you want to see the reaction by the Aussie sellers (and some buyers) regarding the Paypal only changes in Australia and the feedback changes, go to our community forum on
We are mad, people and I mean REALLY mad!
Aussie's don't take kindly to having their toes stepped on or someone trying to pull one over on them!
We will fight the Paypal only changes & keep fighting. We have got our ACCC involved (Government body for fair trading etc) and we won't back down!
Go Aussies!!!
Come help us fight everybody, because we're their test case! If these changes work in their favour, then they'll implement them in other countries too! U.S. will be next, then Canada and so on!!
Go to your eBay chat forums & start screaming. Let them see this is a worldwide fight!
We all came together for the feedback changes, lets keep doing it over the Paypal only changes!
Aussie's need your help!
Congratulations to all you Australian sellers. You fought the good fight against Paypal AND YOU WON!

eBay has withdrawn it's notice to go "Paypal Only" and you retain the right to offer multiple payment methods as usual. This is a BIG win! You beat them!

Some are still complaining that you will now be required to include Paypal as an available payment method, where before you did not have to include Paypal at all. This is still a big win because the buyer is NOT being forced to use it. The buyer can still use the other methods of their preference.

You win, competition wins, you beat the monster.

Good for you. Take a bow!
Well, as most of you know by now, eBay WITHDREW its application to make payments via PayPal only, compulsory in Australia.

Just shows what a lot of determined sellers can do if we get together. I was with some other eBay sellers when the news came through, and the champagne was flowing!

Congratulations to everyone who gave submissions in to ACCC, or supported us in any way, to make this possible.

:-) big grin!
I think that Paypal is a joke and should itself be investigated for offering fraudulant "Buyer Protection". I recently won a dispute but could not recover any funds as the seller cleaned out her account.
Buyer protection did not help me or the numerous other buyers that were also ripped off so, what is the benifit of such a policy or even paypal for that matter.
If paypal becomes the only acceptable form of payment option on E-Bay, anywhere, I will not be using that particular site, PERIOD!!
Originally posted by grateful: Just shows what a lot of determined sellers can do if we get together. :-) big grin!

Yea, well I wish all the ebay sellers would get together and try to get rid of this default best match crap on the searches. Its an auction site and time ending soonest should be #1 priority and is totally fair for everyone.
This is a known glitch that is going on right now..believe me I know firsthand. As long as your seller had either $200 or $2000 in PP protection (it shows on the listing right below the links to see feedbacck, ask a question, etc) you ARE covered whether there are funds or not. But you will have to CALL Paypal to straighten it out. Their Buyer Protection is not fradulent...however if a seller has terrible FB or alot of claims made against them, or are just plain new, Paypal will not offer the buyer protection and the LACK of it will show on the listing. Here's an example of one of my own listings...check out the yellow box to the right.

And BTW...Austrailia ROCKS!! Huge Congrats!

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