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Suthrnjewl<----paypal ready to send

I want to buy a pcmia ethernet card for my older laptop that runs windows 98.

This is to use with our broadband cable. I'd 32 bit but doesn't have to be. (I think) I'm not thinking WIFI..even though that would be sweet. I want to be able to use it around the house here and when traveling this summer.

Thanks, Donna
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do you have wifi router at the house? if so, that's the way i'd probably go. that way can use various wifi spots when travel.

course, some hotels have jacks for wired, rather than wifi, which makes it fun when traveling. I find myself dragging along cat-5 cable, wireless adapter, and cellular internet adapter. Sooo much fun making sure i have all the right parts *ugh!*

i'll dig through some of my misc computer hardware I have laying around, but I dont think i have any spare adapters.
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Wireless G Router for broadband.

That's what I've run into in previous years. I only have a modem in my laptop for dialup. Which works at my fathers home. (I'm there ALOT due to his health) But we've been other places that broadband..but of course, mine isn't. So I'm kinda lost where to start.

I was tossing around buying a new laptop. I don't use this one often except when traveling. It's handy and does what I need it to do. Email, checking ebay, yada yada. It's not like I care bout sitting by the pool sunning myself and surfing the web for the latest video's and such.

I had thought it was time to buy a new laptop and didn't want to put forth the money when it's not a "gotta gotta" situation.

If your parts will fit my parts <big smile> I'll Paypal ya!

Thanks Steve,

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