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It's not just people with zero feedback. In fact, the vast majority of non-payers for me are not newbies... come to think of it, I don't think I've ever had to file against someone with zero feedback.

That's just my experience, though. Have you contacted them to remind them that they need to pay? Could be they just forgot, or, owing to inexperience, don't know how to proceed with payment.

I'll typically send reminders at the 3 day mark and the 6 day mark. If I don't hear anything at all from the buyer, I'll file after 7 days. If the buyer requests a few more days to pay, I usually allow it.

If you've already sent reminder to them, and they haven't responded, then go ahead and file after 7 days. If you haven't tried to contact them, you might try sending a reminder, and give them an extra day or two.
I would only be concerned if they are zero through accumulating a large number of negatives.

Often newbies are keen to pay quickly but get in a bit of a tangle, hardly surprising found it a bit daunting myself oh so many transactions ago.

I use the same approach as biscuit for the same reasons, regarding reminders, keep them friendly. Smile
It happens, do not waste time on them, go through gentle reminders, raise UID on the 8th day and so forth as described above . . .

Also it will not be the last time, the frequency probably depends on the nature of your wares. I suspect many of your customers especially those that default are teen kids who really do not care, so why should you waste time caring. Smile

Could I see one of your auctions so I can see what selling group your ads are aimed at?

I got hit last year on my clothing selling ID. I was selling some of my daughters clothing she didn't want any longer..ya know some "teen" type popular clothing, Abercrombie, Hollister, Forever 21 etc.

It was the first time since I'd been selling that I was hit with lots of zero feedback buyers that didn't pay or answer my gentle reminders.

I filed, moved on and then put the items up as a LOT of 20 items and sold them with a Buy It Now.

Hope I can help.

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