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Need a good laugh or a slightly used set of nuts? If so check out this auction.

-------------------------- Dsouth I List at and Not eBay because I like my money in my pocket instead of ebays. - I earn Cash back on almost ALL of my Online purchases at and it's 100% free.
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let us see how fast ebay pulls this one

If there's any ?Intelligent Life? forms left running planet ebaY, they'll let it stay. It's harmless and is raising money for a good charity. It's far better than some of the real scam and scram stuff I've seen over the years, although I do wish He'd donated 100% to the charity. He just might actually get alot of "sympathy bids" and it move to some real $$$$.

I just hope the Mission Fish and St. Jude's folks have a sense of humor. Roll Eyes


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