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I know that's why sellers do that. That's why I elect not to do business with them. That's why I don't do it. I rarely charge anything over base shipping and I don't try to recover my fees through artificial prices.

As for the labels, I'm sorry you feel I'm doing UPS some great injustice. If UPS wanted to get control of that situation, they could, and if they did, I'd still buy whatever labels from whoever offered them cheapest.

I think we can leave this subject now and let Foxfyre33 buy her labels from whatever source she wants without guilt.
You both have good valid points Smile

Let's be is the holiday season and we're all brothers-in-arms with the holiday rush on ebay, we need the moral support from one another Smile

Specially we Jersians, right Jeff? Have you even *attempted* the malls this year yet? You're probably near Short need an armed guard to not get trampled in the holiday rush THERE...I lived in Rutherford for a bit (Monmouth county now, never looked back!). Oy, the crowds!

I love the UPS labels too! before they used to give them to you without the little print but I guess they caught on. I just cut it out too. Oh, well what can I say what works works! I bet in the future they will watermark their labels or something and that way we can't even cut them off.

In any event, I don't agree with $25.00 shipping on a .99 cent item weighing one ounce, but I do feel that a small fee is just. When I order from a catalouge or online, they most certainly don't charge me what it costs them to ship. they charge me a flat fee based on the price of my purchase (usually). Most recently I ordered a printer cable from CDW--the cable was $11.99 and it was $12.99 to ship it. so with that in mind I do feel that a nominal fee is okay--within reason.


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