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Well, I got my first eBay Phishing email yesterday.

It was very well done. Came from someone purporting to be a potential buyer who had a question on one of my items. Thankfully Gmail was all over it letting me know that it was a potential Phishing email and that I should watch out.

All the graphics and text and the spelling was so perfectly done though, that I almost didn't believe Gmail at first. But the more I looked in to it I saw that they were right.

Really ticks me off that someone would try and steal my eBay account by doing something like this.

I still have the email, is there any way I can report this to additional authorities??? This type of scam really needs to be stopped.

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I received one of those also last week and as you said, it was very well done except at the top where it say something like "This message sent to....." it did not have my username and that caught my eye. Once I looked in my Ebay and did not see it there, I forwarded it on to where they confirmed it was a fake.

It was very well done though and no mispellings either.

For some reason I get a lot of these types of emails. Mad I open all of my supposedly eBay emails thru IE with the eBay toolbar added. If it is a phishing site then the toolbar alerts me big time and opens a window to send this site to eBay's Trust & Safety Committee. That way, if I'm in a fog I don't have to read the fine print to make sure the email is legit. I know, I know, eBay toolbar is spyware so I only use it when on eBay. I use Firefox for Auctiva and everything else.
"Let's be careful out there people"
Well, I have to hand it to Gmail... It's a pretty slick email program. It caught the email as Phishing and let me know in big bold letters... It also disabled all of the Graphics in the email ( thus I couldn't use the buttons even if I wanted to )...

Gmail is good protection for this sort of stuff, it's still a huge sore spot for me though... I don't like someone trying to rip me off...

I have one email that looked real that said ebay was going to be having a 10 cent listing day for members. The hook was that you had to sign up for it by putting in your name and signing in. I have been doing this for a while, but they almost got me. I started with the first few letters of my name before I thought "I'd better check into this" Sure enough it was a scam. All I can say is always be on your toes since they are getting better and better in getting peoples accounts.
Also you can look on weekends to see all of the people who have had their accounts hi-jacked. I look at waverunners and if you search under the names, you will find quite a few high priced items listed in the US, but having euro's as the money listed. They will also say contact me for the buy it now price which is usually 3250 or something close to that. No matter what they are selling, a plane, tractor or waverunner, that is always the same BIN price. Then they will ask for you to send a western union payment. Just be aware of it.

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