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Hi, I am just trying to get this custom template worked out. Here is the URL:

Not sure how to add my banner at the top or where the original needs to live... (Probably in Auctiva image hosting, right?)

Do I need to add the photo I'm going to sell into the page above or will eBay's listing show it?

How do I make sure when I list this as a digital product that the html tags are ok?

Thanks so much...

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You can put the banner anywhere on the Internet that you want...but you have to refer to it relative to its exact location, rather than how you have it in the template now.

It looks like your IMAGE tags all refer to things like: src="Resources/jnk0001tnew1a.jpeg"

While that is fine if you are already on YOUR web site where the Resources folder exists... Out on eBay or on the web you need to specify the exact HTTP: location of the image file.

Sorry to be long winded...just wanted to give you an understanding of what is going on...

Anyway, in your template if you want to have Auctive host your picture, change this section:

<img src="Resources/jnk0001tnew1a.jpeg"

To something like...:

<img src="[file]_o.jpeg"

If you upload your pictures to Auctive and then go to the Manage tab you will see that there is a URL associated with each picture. That will be the actual text that you'll want to substitue.

For part #2 of your question... If you want to show the picture...then you'll need to put another IMG tag in the HTML of the Template text...

As for the digital product, I'm not familiar enough with that to give you an answer...

Hope that gets you started...

One other thought...

You've got a very basic Template there...(meaning that it's mostly text with color changes and not too many graphics).

Have you considered duplicating the entire thing using an Auctiva Template? You could basically pick any of the generic Templates that they have to offer. Copy and Paste the Text from this template into the Auctiva Description... Jazz it up with color changes and font size where necessary (using the WYSISYG editor) and then use the Freetevia button ( the Mountain and Sun picture one ) to put the banner and your image exactly where you want it...

That way you're not doing any HTML work at all...

Just another possibility...

Hi Mike,

thanks so much.., Yes I've been running a few listings using the Auctiva templates like you say, and they looks good.

The biggest problem is the listing as a digital product. Every time I go to 'revise' my listing I have some problem with the 'item description.' It's something to do with the html from the Auctiva code I think. I can't list it as a digital product... eBay keeps giving me an error message.

And that's what I need to do... list as a digital product using my Auctiva template, custom or otherwise.

Auctiva I need your help...



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