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Alrighty then. If I have try to put in a pic (Avatar) and it's telling me the pic has to be less than 6KB - what does that mean. I speak in pixels. The pic I used here was 48 x 48 pixels. I thought surely that would be small enough. I'm using Irfanview. What is there I'm not hearing? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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OK... We got the "K" and the "Pixels" What we need to do is set the Line resolution to a different setting. Most Digital Cameras are factory set to the highest, like 1800 x 1200 or higher. We need to think.... if we setting the Camera to say 800 x 600 or if your camera offers line pic of 150, then your "K" will be smaller. 48x48 might be small enough. So look at the Camera settings and see if it will set to take a PIC in smaller resolution. AND NOW I"M CONFUSED!!!!!
Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Does Irfanview have a feature that will optimize images for use on the Web? If so, that might be a good idea.

I would think 48 x 48 would be plenty small, but it must have a pretty high resolution..

When you are saving an image in irfanview it has a "slider" to change the resolution. I do mine at about 60-70% without loosing any quality.

Graphics can probably be done even lower Wink

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