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Is there a way to move the photos above the description as it was in the older templates? I think it looks better for my listings if I have the photos and then the description directly below.

Also, can you please add some sort of Hollywood template? I have a collector who sells a ton of Hollywood-related items through me and they really want to go with something similar to the old one. Thanks!
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Hello HoobieDaju -

Depending on what template you select there are different options available, and you will want to select a template that provides the pull down for Layout when you have it in the Template Selector window. Then there are image layout options in the pull down, several of which allow you to have all of your images show prior to the description such as Vertical Top, Photo Album and Vertical Scrolling Images.

If you'd like to see a particular template or have another suggestion regarding Auctiva, please feel free to submit your request at our Feature Center located here. You can vote on existing features, see features that have been approved for development and make your requests here for the rest of the community to vote on (one suggestion per request please).

- Craig

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