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Another question regarding contents of CSV upload files.
Hope nobody's getting bored.

When uploading pics to Auctiva, they are assigned what can only be regarded as a random name. This is an edited example.
The jpg name means nothing.
1. When I use the actual 'real' jpg name in the CSV file, it don't work! Is there a way I can use the real jpg name in the CSV file.
2. Can I get Auctiva to NOT assign these meaningless names to uploaded jpg files, and keep their real names.

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Hello again,

that is the image URL, so that is where and how the image is stored once it has been uploaded to Auctiva.  There is no way to not have the URL formatted in that way and each image must have a URL as that is what is referenced in your active listings.

The CSV files do not actually upload your images, but reference an image location and, sadly, there are no other acceptable way to upload image data via the CSV tool  (note you can use third party URLs if you store your images elsewhere and have the URL for your images available).

- Craig

One more thing when it comes to putting URLs in the upload file:
Is it possible to include two URLs in the one field?

I've tried numerous configurations, and it always only loads the first file.
I've tried separating the URLs with: ,    ;    <cr>    linefeed
Also prefixing them with '1. ' and '2. '.
All to no avail.
Is it possible?


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