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I don't see a way to remove the pick perfect information from my saved listings. It is forcing me to copy down all the information from my ebay listings. I simply don't want to touch each listing and I can't globally uncheck that box? Anyone else have any ideas? I did submit a support case already
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Hello scottwdieterle,

Apologies for the delay of my response.

For listings you have already saved, unfortunately, you would need to deselect the "also post to PickPerfect" option individually. At present there is no bulk tool to remove this from your Saved Listings in Auctiva. You can deselect the checkbox for this in your account preferences to avoid having it preselected going forward with your new listings. Just use the Account Preferences option from the My Account menu, uncheck the option for also posting to PickPefect and save the change.

As for a bulk tool to remove this from your Saved Listings, I have forwarded your comments regarding this on to our Product Management team in the form of a feature request for their consideration and will reply to this thread should more information regarding this become available.

- Craig

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