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I am new and am resorting to asking for anyone else's input on a difficulty I am having.
I have figured out how to use templates, and have the info "automatically" inserted when you do a listing.
My problem... when I use a template, custom or regular, my picture always gets put above the description. If I make a listing with no template, just type some description, it puts the supersized pictures below the description.
I know how to use the image tags in the templates, but the supersized pictures always gets inserted above everything when doing a preview. Am I missing a setting somewhere to tell it where to put any picture I select using the image selection section in item details area.
PS I know about the customized layout control with the templates, but that doesn't seem to control where the supersized pictures get put.

If anyone can make out what I am describing, and can throw some ideas my way, it would be appriciated.

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