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on practice board 4735378 I have got my dividers in. but I am trying to get the template so it will have description , picture, description , picture etc. I would like to be able to have up to 6 pictures. I tryed inserting img from auctiva images but did not do it right. I have not a clue how to get more description.
thank You
for any help
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Hi Alexis,

You are only allowed one [DESCRIPTION] in your template. However you may use tags like [ABOUT_ME] or [SHIPPING] to add more information into a template. The thing to remember about using one of these other tags is that you must create a profile for that will hold this information (make sure to click on the "Profile" tab to explore this option). Then once you create a listing, after you choose the template that you wish to use, click on the dropdown menu just to the right of the template area and choose the proper "Seller Detail" profile that will be inserted into that listing.

Best of Luck

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